News Flash – South African Port Update – 23th October 2023

News Flash – South African Port Update – 23th October 2023

Dear Inter-Sped Customers & Clients

Unfortunately South Africa’s main commercial ports continue to experience major disruptions – With bad weather now compounding the issues of poor labour productivity, congestion, and equipment failures – The result being that both import and export schedules and timelines are negatively affected.

The Inter-Sped team continues to push the carriers, transporters and port operators as hard as possible to ensure we achieve the very best outcome that circumstances allow. All this said, please find below update:


Durban delays remain significant for all the reasons outlined above. There are now 62 vessels at anchor outside of port – an increase of 55% since our last port update.

Expected timelines run as follows:

  • 11-19 days for berthing
  • 5-7 days delay on vessel discharging.


Total expected delays range between 16-23.

Cape Town:

High congestion persists in Cape Town – strong winds & bad weather conditions may resulting in further delays and possible vessel omissions.

Expected timelines in Cape Town run as follows:

  • 7-14 days sitting at anchor outside port.
  • 4 to 5 days for vessel operations,
  • 1 to 2 days for collection of containers.


Total expected delays expected to run between 10 to 16 days.

Coega / Port Elizabeth:

Of all the ports Coega is running the smoothest – but berthing delays still range between 5-7 days. However bad weather and equipment shortages may still slow down operations.

The Terminal booking system that was introduced for Container collections has increased frustrations with delays in container collections & futile trips now becoming more common.

As always, the Inter-Sped team will do our utmost to ensure we minimize the disruption to your operations – we will also keep you posted on the progress on your shipments on an individual shipment level.

Best Regards
Jon-Jon van Zyl (Director)