Some cautiously optimistic news to report

Some cautiously optimistic news to report

There has been improvement in the Durban port facilities with non-essential cargo now beginning to move. In short:

  • DCT (Pier 2):
  1. Imports: We are fortunate in that DCT is responsible for the largest share of containers we move and has seen the biggest improvement in Import container movements. From the import perspective this is fantastic news.However, booking slots to collect import containers are still limited – We hope to see improvement over the course of the week, and hope to see even more positive momentum next week.
  2. Exports: Under normal circumstances DCT also handles most containerized exports – But unfortunately for exports DCT has been the most negatively impacted, with export bookings only being confirmed for Perishable (Reefer) and Hazardous Cargo.
  • New Pier (Pier 1) :
  1. Imports: Under normal circumstances Pier 1 handles a smaller percentage of import containerized cargo than DCT (Pier 2). Operations and bookings out of Pier 1 are currently the worst affected – in large part this is due to the damages to Bayhead Road that runs into New Pier / Pier 1.The significant repair work needed on Bayhead Road means that container movements through New Pier / Pier 1 will likely be the hardest hit for the longest time.
  2. Exports: Most of our export bookings with vessels departing from Pier 1 have been nominated – which is great news. It remains to be seen if the stack dates get confirmed.
  • Point (RoRo):

Overall Point seems to have been minimally affected – although they have been without electricity for at least 18 hours. We await news from them if power and operations have been restored.

  1. Imports: For imports, point is most frequently used for specialized freight such as Breakbulk, Out of Gauge, Ro-Ro & extremely hazardous freight such as explosives.
  2. Exports: About 1/3 of our containerized cargo bookings are booked to depart through Point. So far all bookings seem to be on track.

As always, we are doing our utmost to ensure we achieve the best outcome possible on all your shipments. Our updates to you on an individual shipment level will continue as always.